Zaira Wasim’s Manager Said Her Social Media Accounts Are Hacked!


Zaira Wasim made her Bollywood debut in the year 2016 with Aamir Khan‘s film Dangal. Zaira Wasim’s performance in Dangal was praised by the audience and the critics. Zaira won numerous awards for her marvellous acting which also includes a Filmfare award and National Film Award- National Child Award for exceptional achievement by Ram Nath Govind in the year 2017.

Zaira on Sunday took to her Social handle to announce her disassociation from the field of acting as its interfering her faith and religion. The young actress posted an open letter for all her fans and following.

The 18-year-old actress said she has lost all her Barkath from life after entering the film Industry. She also said, This is just my first step as I have arrived at the clarity of realisation of the path I wish to be on and strive for and during this time I may have consciously or unconsciously planted a seed of temptation in the hearts of many, but my sincere advice to everyone is that no amount of success, fame, authority or wealth is worth trading or losing your peace or the light of your ‘imaan’ for.

As per the buzz doing the rounds Zaira Wasim’s manager Tauheen said the dangal star didn’t write the open letter on Facebook, her social media handles have been HACKED.

If you go to Wikipedia to check Zaira’s account then you’ll be sure that her social media handle was hacked. In Zaira’s Wikipedia page her nationality is shown as Pakistani.

Well, we should support Zaira’s decision.

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