Web Series Gullak: Characters Are Inspired By Writer Nikhil Vijay’s Family


A web series “Gullak” created by The Viral Fever is streaming on Sony Liv since June 27, 2019. The series is written by actor and writer Nikhil Vijay who took inspiration from his own life tale.

The series revolves around Mishra family which is inspired by Nikhil’s own small family comprising his mother, father, and his elder brother. Gullak consists of 5 episodes narrating everyday life of a normal middle-class family.

Nikhil talked to length about his web series, how he came up with the idea and how it resembles his own family. He revealed that when he thought about writing something he decided that he would not write anything fictional. He wanted to pen down something to which the audience can connect, which doesn’t look like a made up or fake story but something real.

He added that after giving it a deep thought, he finally decided to narrate his own family’s story. He told a story about a typical middle-class family which discusses even the smallest thing at length, whether to buy a cooler or not and which color should be used to paint the house, to make it different from the neighbors.

The audience can connect with this series as the mother we have does not flaunt flawless skin and loose hair. We have a mother who has the hint of tiredness and pinch of old age on her face and wears a bun all the time. She is not all dolled up all the time but wears night suit during the day also. The series is very close to reality.

When asked about the title of the show and how he came up with it. He told that gullak or a cash box is the least acknowledged thing the house. Any member brings it someday and other members make it a habit to put coins in it every now and then. When it is full, they break it and buy some household item with the money. But none of us have any great memory attached to a gullak or the breaking of it but there are many things in our house, which we bought by its money. So we might not be attached to a children’s cash box much but it plays an important role in our life and it attributes to our life in some way or other.

Nikhil concluded by saying that it is not a saga but a mixture of small tales because a story has a start and an ending and our life starts randomly and ends abruptly.

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