Singer Armaan Malik Opens Up About His Mental Health, Talks About Being Depressed.


In the recent time, we have come across many such instances where maybe a person is visibly happy and cheerful but deep inside he is not. Although actor Uday Chopra dismissed his not so okay tweets by saying that those are his dark humors, we understood that he is depressed and needs support.Even in January, singer Neha Kakkar opened up and shared her actual feelings by stating that she is simply not afraid of being judged.

Depression is tricky, it will make you weak and vulnerable and even you’ll be scared to open up about your mental health in front of others. For the other people it will be easy to ignore you but for your own good, support from loved ones and care is the utmost need at that time. Recently singer Armaan Malik too shared his own very troubles with mental health.

He confessed in a series of tweets that how he is not okay lately and was dealing with personal struggles as well. He is the voice behind hit songs like ‘Sab Tera’ and ‘Bol Do Na Zara’.He enjoys a huge fanbase and is very active via his social media accounts.




For those who don’t know, Armaan was greatly motivated by none other than international singer song writer Justin Bieber’s post on March 10, where he shared that how disconnected and weird he has been feeling. He even requested his fans to pray for him.

We can definitely say that in the age of virality and social media, we can always open up on that platform so that our own very internal issues gets uncomplicated and we gets a chance of rectifying the things that went wrong and how. His fans and followers immediately responded that he is never alone.









So, what is your message for Armaan?

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