Salman Khan Slams Filmfare Editor Jitesh Pillai For Mocking Hina Khan’s Cannes Appearance


Cannes Film Festival every year showcases the creativity of designers and collaborates with our favourite stars and we can’t help but drool at our gorgeous stars.

Social media is filled with the look books and the picture of our Bollywood stars attending the Cannes Film Festival. Deepika, Priyanka, Kangana and Aishwarya has been the acing the red carpet of Cannes gracefully since years. This year another actress represented India on the Cannes platform and definitely turned heads and gracefully walked the red carpet.

Television actress Hina Khan made her Cannes debut this year. Hina who is frequently targeted by the trolls was even targeted by the trolls for her mesmerizing outfits. These days the celebrities are often targeted by trolls on Social media by the netizens.

But it is surprising when the big shots of Bollywood are seen trolling the other stars.

Recently, the Cheif Editor of Filmfare magazine Jitesh Pillai was seen mocking Hina Khan on his Instagram Story for her Cannes Film Festival Appearance.

Salman Khan also addressed the matter and came in defence for her. In an interview, Salman recently said ‘Mujhe toh eh samjh meh nahi ha Cannes has become Chandivali or Chandivali has become Cannes’.
This comment sparked fire in Bollywood and Television industry as many actor, actresses, directores and producers came in support of Hina Khan and slammed Jitesh Pillai for his disgraceful comment even before Hina could respond.







Later Hina Khan took to her twitter and gave her opinion about the unappreciated comment. She tweeted she will work her a** off to make her place in the industry.

Bollywood and TV faternity were lauding the dignified actress as she addressed the matter with dignity.
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Later Jitish Pillai apologized on his Instagram story to Hina after his comment saw major backlash.

Hina responded to Jitesh Pillai’s apology with utter grace.

Go, girl! We are immensely proud of you Hina!

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