List Of World’s Most & Least Corrupt Countries Is Out. Check Out India’s Rank


Corruption has become one of the biggest problems of the world and despite the fact that the measures are being taken to counter the problem, there is still a lot remaining to be done to get rid of it.

The list of most corrupt nations is out and Somalia has been declared as the most corrupt country of the globe while Denmark has emerged as the world’s least corrupt or cleanest country (in the terms of corruption).

Here’s the list of 10 most corrupt countries:

Check out 10 least corrupt countries:

However, what has caught everyone’s attention is that America’s score has fallen this time and the global watchdog is considering it as a red flag.

Transparency International, the Berlin-based organisation, has stated that a drop of four points in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) score of America is a warning and that too at a time when the country is already facing so many problems. The systems of checks and balances of US are already in a dire situation and the levels of morality and ethics are going down at the highest levels. It is for the first time since 2011 that US has gone out of the list of Top 20 least corrupt nations and is on the 22nd spot. If it goes on like this, the country will face a serious corruption problem. The watchdog has raised serious concerns over the Trump administration but also stated that corruption has been increasing since a long time.

While US, Brazil and Hungary have been included in the list of the countries which will be kept under check, the countries that have shown improvement are Ivory Coast, Estonia, Senegal and Guyana.

It has also been observed that the countries which are facing armed or civil war are the ones that don’t have proper government and corruption is on a rise in those nations.

India is on the 78th rank which can be regarded as slight improvement as it has rose by 3 points, while its neighbour Pakistan is on the 117th rank and China is on 87th spot.

However, Transparency International was of the opinion that the upcoming elections and the results will also play an important role in the movement of CPI score of the country.

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