Yesterday in the human existence for the first time the image of the most powerful objects in existence the black hole was captured with the planetwide virtual array called the Event Horizon Telescope was released and the world freaked out.

The black hole is located at the centre of Messier 87, the light is being pulled into the black hole at the centre of M87 the largest galaxy which is about 54 million light-years away.

To capture the image of the black hole several telescopes were placed all around the world which was later combined to boost their power in order to create the most anticipated picture for the first time to understand the path of the universe. It is said the data which went into creating the picture is equivalent to 40,000 selfies people might take throughout their life.

Katie Bouman is the women behind the Black Hole image. The mad coding skills of the PhD student made the impossible into possible.

Nasa released the picture with the caption ‘game-changing breakthrough’.

As the world is freaking out after the picture was released online and cheering for Nasa’s biggest success. But the netizens are having a gala time making memes and jokes. The twitter is flooded with the black hole jokes comparing it with a Vedu Vada and brands like Pepsi and Zomato are promoting their product through it and taking it to another level of advertisement –

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