European Cricket League Mercilessly trolled Australian Media Like Never Before


One thing instantly pops in our mind when we talk about Europe, that’s European football league one of the biggest football league in the world.

European people love football without any doubt. They are not really fond of our countries most loved sport cricket. However, currently, the cricket fever has taken over Europe with the hope to show a ray of light to eight countries who failed to be the part of modern cricket. European Cricket league has adopted the T10 format of cricket.

Denmark, Spain, Romania, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, Germany and France took over the country for three days. As European Cricket League (ECL) promises to be the fresh air for the football dominated country and also aims to discover the finest cricketers of European countries.

Recently a video went viral on social media from the match of ECL and 40 years old Romanian cricketer Pavel Florin became an internet sensation for his unique bowling and inspirational story.

Pavel Florin delivered a series of moon balls to the extreme and he didn’t use his front arm while his delivery. Netizens discovered the man who discovered cricket 8 years back, he knows he has a unique approach towards bowling.

Fox star shared a video on their official Twitter handle trying to troll the cricketer with the caption, ladies and gentlemen welcome to European Cricket League.

The official twitter handle of European Cricket League slammed the Australian media mercilessly. The tweet reads, thanks chaps for your interest. Our loyal followers might find some footage of cricketers buying sandpaper.

Sarcasm on point!

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