Elderly Maharashtra Couple Finally Gets Their Home After A Long Fight For Justice


An old couple was thrown out of their own house by their only son and daughter in law. After fighting for 3 years for justice the couple has finally got their house back. For three years Brijesh Soni, 71 and his wife Chamelidevi, 69 lived on the road on the mercy of strangers.

As they had nowhere to go and no money, Brijesh used to spend his entire day at platform number 10 of Borivali station while Chamelidevi sat outside a Shiva temple nearby. Some relatives helped them and gave them shelter but only temporarily.

When asked why don’t they file an FIR, the daughter Seema said that they don’t even have money to eat, how could they bore the expense of court case. “Everyone was advising us to file a case in High Court, but we didn’t even have money to eat, how would we have arranged money for a lawyer?” said Seema.

But the couple left no stone unturned seeking justice and went to various government offices with their daughter. During one of those visits, someone suggested them to contact the collector’s office in Bandra, which can execute the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007. The law states that the case has to be resolved within 4 months of registering.

The first order came in October 2017 in favor of the couple and the second one in July 2018 but police did not implement the order. Then SDO sent the copy of the order to the tehsil office. The tehsil officers then went to their house. The son allegedly did not co-operate with the officers and assaulted his parents.

The son and his wife Pradip and Chandani have been sent to judicial custody to stop the government officials of tribunal and police from doing their duty.

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