Albumkings proxy, unblock access

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Albumkings is a site that provides unauthorized access to thousands of full albums and tens of thousands of individual tracks for free streaming and downloading.  The site does not host the content, rather the operators upload content to various cyberlockers around the world.  When particular files are removed from the locker services pursuant to DMCA notices,  popular files are immediately re-uploaded to ensure they remain available through the Albumkings website.  The site ensures that  every popular new release is available.  The site neatly organizes albums by genre offering access to large libraries of R&B, Rap, Country, Rock, Pop music.  The site also offers a section on upcoming releases and advising users of the official release date along with a prediction of when the new album will be available on the site.

The site has huge user base with a global Alexa ranking of 33,159.  SimilarWeb data shows that the site is attracting in excess of 3 million visits a month, with 52% of that traffic coming from the U.S.

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