5 Reasons Why You Should Never Take ‘ Panga’ With A Sardarrni


Everyone knows for a fact that should not mess with us ladies, and especially Sardarrni’s of all. They are a totally different breed of beautiful beings that seem too good to be true. There are ‘n’ number of things that can set a Sardarrni apart from the normal lot. And strength and endurance are few of the qualities. You must know better by now that we should never take ‘panga‘ with them.

1. Mu-faat

Yes, Sardarrni’s do not think twice before voicing their opinions or thoughts. They are quite mu-faat when it comes to it. They will boldly speak whatever comes to their mind.

2. Born Fighter

Fighting and smashing bones run in their blood. They are built in a way that can destroy people. One punch and you are blacked out for a good amount of time. You will know where the ghee and milk go, after the slap.

3. Believe in their values

Another reason to fear them is that however bindass they might be, they never let go of their values. They have a strong root in their culture and they are very well aware of what is wrong and right.

4. They never forget and yet forgive.

Sardarrnis never forget how you treat them when they are down. They will always remember who stood by them and who did not. They also have a big heart which means that they will forgive you but never forget about anything!

5. Strong-willed and never give up

Bring them down, and watch them rise. Sardarrni’s do not understand to be down, they will be strongest in their weakest point. However tough the situation they will wiggle out of it. Nothing can break them. and they never give up.

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