10 Superpowers Everyone Wished They Had


Life is tough, isn’t it? And we need help sometimes to overcome certain situations. It might not be the first time when people would wish for some superpowers. Like how amazing would it be to be invisible, or to have actual magic inside you? Have a boring meeting attend, magically change the timings in everyone’s calendar. Have to save time to meet a hot date, fly over the traffic jam and reach the destination.

We always want to be the hero of the story, we might finally get a chance. Fight off bad guys, roam around with exceptional respect in everyone’s eyes and of course the riches! Who would not want it?
It is time to now fantasize about the superpowers that we could have and would make us more awesome.

1. Healing

Doctors are expensive and if I had this superpower I would heal people for free. Back pains, viral fever maybe even chronic life taking diseases.

2. Invisibility

How cool would it be to become invisible like Mr. India did, one button and whoosh!

3. Super-strength.

I would single-handedly fight off all the crime in India, would protect everyone from the bad guys. Also, win a lot of competitions.

4. Water breathing

If I had a superpower that let me breathe underwater, how amazing would that be? Hidden treasures, here I come.

5. Time travel

Remember the stupid thing you did as a child? That stupid person you chose to be with or the wrong stream who chose. What if you could go back in time and correct it?

6. Telepathy

If you could read other people’s thoughts. Would certainly help a lot in dating.

7. Atmokinesis

The ability to change the weather, too hot? Make it rain with a snap of fingers.

8. Precognition

To be able to see the future. You will never fail a test, know when your partner is going to do something wrong. Know the result of the World Cup.

9. Teleportation

To be able to travel from one place to another in a second. Snap and you are in Russia, snap you are in the Amazons.

10. Talking to animals

How cool it would be if you could talk to animals and ask them to do you favors. Ask a dog to run behind a nosy aunty or ask a cat to keep an eye on someone.

Which of the superpowers would you want?

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