10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Sardarrni


You are missing a lot in life if you do not have Sardarrni in your life. I have multiple reasons to explain this. Sardarrnis are always known for their fun-loving nature, being adorably loud and of course, being a big foodie. But the best thing about them is that they have the biggest heart. They can be kind and strict at the same time. They can be crying and yet come off strong. There are so many things about a Sardarrni that sets them apart from the lot. Here are some of the reasons that make her a perfect companion.

1. Your personal cheerleader.

Feeling down? There is not one person in the whole damn world who will cheer you better. A Sardarrni will always be patient and considerate. She will listen to your problems and give apt solutions. And if she can’t give you a solution, get ready for lame jokes that will definitely make you smile.

2. She has the biggest heart

Sardarrni’s are known for their hearts too. They are forgiving and understanding. Even if you make a mistake they will accept you in a blink, they have a soft heart but do not take this as their weakness. She makes sure that you pay if you hurt her.

3. She is the party

She is a born dancer, you just play the music. She will rock any party, any time. The best thing about her is she is never afraid to let her hair down and just have fun!

4. Fighting runs in her blood

Sardarrnis are a daring breed, you will often find her fighting for 2 rupees change or taking a stand for some random person on the road. She is a strong fighter. If she believes in something she will take a stand for it.

5. Best oath keeper

If she had promised you something there is a 100% chance she will keep her promise. If she has promised you that she will always stick by your side, she will. She will probably be the first one to read your blog or come to your shows.

6. Talk about the food

Calories? What’s that? Sardarrnis are big-time foodies. She won’t worry about her diet or count calories every time you go out for food. Food is a priority for her. From Thukpas to Chaat, you will see her hog almost everything.

7. Her family will accept you as their own.

Sardarrnis family are super-duper cool! In a moment you will become a part of the family. From dinners to family picnics, you will always be welcomed with open arms.

8. True ‘patola’

No makeup for our desi kuddi! She will rock everything. With or without makeup, traditional or western clothes she is always a diva.

9. Honey, no sugar coating from her.

She will never lie or sugarcoat things, any Sardarrni is loud and outspoken. She will always tell you ways to improve yourself. Give meaningful insights and tell you the harsh truth that probably no one else will.

10. No Compromise on family values.

Besides being a party animal, outspoken and wild. She will never compromise on her family values.

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